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Group Share for Gmail

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This version is ad-free. Please try Group Share for Gmail (Free) first to ensure you are happy with the app before purchase.Group Share for Gmail allows you to quickly share via email with one of your Gmail contact groups.
Important! If youre not seeing all your groups, go into the app Settings and enable "Show Invisible Groups" - they should then be visible.
******New in v3.0!"Keyboard" feature added! This will let you easily forward emails to a group!It allows you to input groups directly into a field (e.g. the To: field of an email youre composing), without leaving Gmail.To use this, enable the keyboard in device input settings (ignore the warning - we arent evil, promise), and then switch to the Group Share for Gmail input device when youre in the desired field.Select a group and it will populate the field with the list of email addresses. Itll auto-switch back to your previous input method (or will prompt you to select one if youre on android 2.x or below).
Clipboard support! Long press a group and select Copy to Clipboard, then Paste the email addresses wherever you wish (e.g. a To: field).******
A simple example - youre out in the wilds somewhere and typing is tricky. You want to email some photos from your phone to your family.
You already have a Gmail contact group set up with the relevant family email contacts.On your phone, you select the photo(s) in the gallery you wish to share with them, perform "Share".Choose Group Share for Gmail, and you are presented with a list of your Gmail contact groups.Select one, and Gmail is started with the appropriate contact email addresses filled in and your attachment(s) made.
No trying to type email addresses one by one. A big timesaver!
You can also simply run the app directly and choose a contact group to send an email to.
Set an option to use Bcc: instead of To: (so recipients dont see each others email addresses).
Note : if you enable "Display contact count" in the options, and the counts dont seem to reflect the number of contacts in a group when you view the contact list, there are two reasons this can happen.Firstly, some contacts are "joined" into a single displayed contact (but are counted multiply in the list).Secondly, Facebook contacts are included in the count but arent displayed in the list for a group (FB security restricts other apps viewing FB contacts).
Permissions :READ_CONTACTS - so it can read who is in which group.WRITE_CONTACTS - so it can modify and create new groups.GET_ACCOUNTS - so it can get the list of configured gmail accounts to select from.